About me


Welcome to my blog about software’ish topics. Me, I am a Director Exec, Enterprise software Architect, itinerant, rover, lover of sea food and trying to write something here…  I live in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. I’m currently working with Sphata Systems as Chief Enterprise Architect & Head of Operations India. My focus is on AAYUWIZ, a revolutionary platform for global healthcare and taking care of technology drive of the organization.

My works deal with the designing, development and deployment of  Products, Enterprise Applications, Mobile Applications, RIA Platforms, SOAs and more.  I am trying to promote advanced architectures for RIAs (some of my own recipes) , UI Technologies and taking data more towards Hadoop, MongoDB and similar technologies.

I believe Software (ofcourse any) Architecture should be practical, ‘make it simple’ with a focus on adding long-term value. I design architecture based on these principles and standards.

I have over a eight years of ‘all-sides of the table’ experience through working for a number of clients, and ‘end-user’ organisations. I have helped companies design and deliver their ideas, technology solutions driving real value and impact for their businesses. I have consistently shown that I can work from vision through to detailed delivery while adding value at every level of a technology project.

I have expertise in building PaaS and SaaS, Product Engineering, Enterprise platforms, RIAs, Mobile Apps and Simulation systems. More passionate about working on R & D, highly complex, advanced and futuristic ideas. Basically, I love converting ideas to software systems. I worked in Healthcare, Government, Telecom, E-Learning, Simulation projects domains so far.

I have expertise with some of the tools like Ext JS, Flex, jQuery (any JavaScript frameworks), Struts, Actionscript, BlazeDS, JBoss, HornetQ, Spring, Hibernate, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSON, XML,  Tomcat, Weblogic, JBoss, Kettle, BIRT, MongoDB, Hadoop, Asterisk, Mirth and lots so far and still learning more…

Here are some of the tools and technologies I’ve worked so far,



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