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Vertica Database – The Only DBMS Built To Handle Today’s Enterprise Data Warehouse Demands

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As businesses become more analytical to gain competitive advantage and comply with new regulations, enterprise data warehouses are pushed to answer more ad-hoc questions from more people analyzing vastly larger volumes of data, often in real time. The Vertica Analytic Database is built specifically to meet this need.

Vertica is the only DBMS enabled to manage terabytes of data faster and more reliably than any other enterprise data warehouse. Obtain fast business intelligence with these following features:

  • Column orientation – Queries 50x-200x faster by eliminating costly disk IO
  • “Scale-out” MPP architecture – Scale limitlessly just by adding new servers to the grid
  • Aggressive data compression – Reduces storage costs by up to 90%
  • Automatic high availability – Runs non-stop with automatic replication, failover and recovery
  • Native support for MapReduce – Analyze large sets of structured and unstructured data at Web speeds
  • Deployment Flexibility – Deploy on Linux, industry standard hardware appliance, VMware or in the Amazon Cloud to handle wide variety of projects

New Business Intelligence Possibilities

Vertica completely changes the economics of BI, making it possible to rapidly initiate a much broader spectrum of business analysis:

  • View much larger volumes of historic data
  • Analyze data at any level of detail
  • Perform real-time analysis
  • Conduct ad-hoc and short-lived business analytic projects
  • Build new analytic Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses