Zing Chart

Build Flash or HTML5 charts with the latest & greatest features and technologies

  • More than a Dozen Chart Types
  • Handles Massive Data Sets (10,000 points and more)
  • Fly thru Chart Data with Zooming, Scrolling, and Filtering
  • Build Interactive and Drillable Graphs
  • Live Data Feed Support to Update Charts in Realtime

Compare Canvas based charting with Flash one here http://www.zingchart.com/flash-and-html5-canvas/#speedtest

Download free trial @ : http://www.zingchart.com/download/

About kousikraj
Director & Chief Enterprise Architect at Sphata Systems. Expert in building Cloud based Solutions, Product Engineering, enterprise platforms, RIA, Mobile and Healthcare Applications.

6 Responses to Zing Chart

  1. Andrew Begin says:

    Thanks for the sharing ZingChart! (I’m on the ZingChart Team)

    Just today we released 3D HTML5 charts (pies, bars, area, line) – thought you may be interested.

    here’s a link: http://www.zingchart.com/labs/html5/pie_chart_3d.php

    Find us on twitter with any questions: http://www.twitter.com/zingchart


  2. kousikraj says:

    Thank you Andrew for sharing further information.

  3. Munir says:

    I get some JS errors when rendering Zing charts from their website in IE 9. Is that going to be fixed ?

    • Shrikant says:

      I’ve got a similar problem… my charts do not render in IE9 standards… Is there an alternative to this ?

  4. Naveen Kumar N says:

    Hi Kousik.. We needed to shift to HTML5 zing charts from flash zing charts due to mac related issues. But the 3d view of bar graphs in HTML5 is not same as FLASH 3d bar graph . Is there a way to change the look of HTML5 3d bar graph so that it looks similiar to FLASH 3d bar. The main problem is that the HTML5 bar graphs offer a perspective view with x-axis and y-axis turned out of the plane.

  5. Free charts says:

    As I am the user of zingchart from a long time really this charting library is very useful.
    Thank you

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