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AAYUWIZ with Remote Patient Monitoring + Smart Rx + Labs + Referral Module

AAYUWIZ is a product of Sphata Systems. We are shaping up AAYUWIZ with added features to really become one single platform where it shall provide the entire range of solution for any healthcare units like 1. Private Providers, 2. Providers, 3. Labs, 4. Pharmacy, 5. Clinic, 6. Hospitals and more.

Here is the list of features we have added to Aayuwiz this year.

1. Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring is the module where we are trying to address the problem of continued care after diagnosis / visit. Most of the providers today wanted to monitor the patient continuously after the care. For that, we are devising our own embedded hardware that shall display using HDMI and collects data from various biometric sensors. Initially we are addressing sensors like

  1. Glucometer
  2. Pulse Meter
  3. Temperature
  4. Blood Pressure
  5. ECG
  6. EMG

and more.. The device connects to TV and IR module where it will collect data from the patient at house / home care / nursing home or any place of travel. The device again is thought to have a simple navigation like a TV channel where we will provide that as something like APPLE TV or any other micro computer like device.

The collected data then will be pushed through GSM / 3G / Internet to AAYUWIZ server. Then, Aayuwiz server will process the data applying all rules and then shall intelligently remind patient / doctors if there is any deviation from the norms. If its severe abnormality than usual range of value, the app immediately schedules appointment with doctors, facilitates doctors and patient to do video calls using our video calling facility in Aayuwiz.

This way, we collect data from patients at very much affordable price (pricing yet to be announced) for the device and then to connect the gap in continued care for a patient.

2. Smart Rx – Smart Medication Prescription Module

We call it Smart Rx because, the Rx prescription module of AAYUWIZ has few important features as follows

  1. Brand / Generic Medicine search & prescribe
  2. Preset of default Frequency & Duration for each medicine
  3. Detailed Drug information with Pricing
  4. Drug Allergy notification

As listed,  the prescription module has added with feature of Generic Medicine mapping along with its dosage value which allows the medicines to be searched either by brand name or by generic name. Each medicine shall be added with default options of frequency (say 1-0-1 a day) & duration (2 days) like that. This helps doctors to save time spent over system. Also, when searching the medicine, the detailed information is shown in a pane clearly to give doctor along with indication & contraindication to facilitate doctor to prescribe right medicine. Other important feature is Drug Allergy Notification where if a medicine has marked as allergic (in AAYUWIZ), the notifier alerts doctor if prescribed again.

3. Labs

Labs is another module that has been re-defined with lots of feature. One important thing that I would like to highlight today is networked diagnostic centers. This is a feature where the doctor after selecting labs to be tested, he shall also select a diagnostic center of his favorite or internally associated labs (with clinic or hospital) or even external diagnostic center. Also, the lab user shall login to AAYUWIZ where the user will be notified and he shall directly click on message and enter the lab data. The data will be added to patient record and again will be notified to doctors. That way, the whole lab system is networked.

4. Referral Module

Today, we are seeing the doctors are well-connected. They are referring their patients to other doctors in network based on specialty or critical of care. Here in Aayuwiz, we have made it a simple workflow where the doctor shall search a doctor in his network or hospital or by area and then refer the patient to his / her doctor. Once referred, the other doctor will get the access to patients record along with the care note given by referrer.

5. Search & Schedule

We have an external application as well as internal module where patient can go online, search for doctors for any given speciality, location or so and then shall schedule. Once done, the doctor will get a notification and shall be able to confirm the appointment. That app is also integrated together with scheduler module of AAYUWIZ.

Quick Demo Video:

Ultimately, what we are trying to address is some of the common issue that we see in connecting various solutions together under one platform. That is AAYUWIZ!!! ¬†Expect more posts in near future with updated and added modules…